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Oat Hill Mine Crew
Panoramic view of part of the Napa Consolidated Mine crew (c. 1900)

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This is an undated panoramic photo of the non-Asian portion of the crew at the Napa Consolidated mine at Oat Hill, Napa County, California.

Note on back reads: "7th from left, Jay J. Multer (superintendant), grandfather of Barbara Joan Lawrey Zerbini (Hoover). Oat Hill quicksilver mine, early 1920. Married to Isabella Hoover, old time pioneers to Napa Valley (Calistoga). Isabell daughter of George Hoover (pioneers) George & Elisabeth."

The photo appears to have been taken circa 1900 (the mine closed in 1909). Jacob J. ("Jay J.") Multer (1859-1935) was replaced by M. T. Howell as foreman at Oat Hill in April 1903. Multer was a brother or half-brother to James Leslie ("J. L.") Multer, the publisher of the Independent Calistogian newspaper. The original photo was given to Pat Hampton, of the Calistoga Tribune newspaper, and passed on to Dean Enderlin in 2006.

New Idria Mine
Panoramic view of the New Idria quicksilver mine, San Benito County.

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This is an undated panoramic photograph of the New Idria quicksilver mine in San Benito County, California. It accompanied the panoramic photo of the Oat Hill mine crew (see previous photo) from a private collection. The photograph is undated, but resembles similar photographs of New Idria from the period of 1910 to 1920. This New Idria mine was one of the largest quicksilver (mercury) mines in California. It was named after the historic European mercury mines of Idria, Austria.

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